Threat Intelligence Report Barkly Incident Template”

Hello everyone,
I have shared a number of documents with you which should be used this week to work on this project.

Essentially, you are to select a process in the file “University Incidents” and write a threat intelligence report on said process using the “Threat Intelligence Report Barkly Incident Template” document.

This document is laid out pretty clearly, so there shouldn’t be much trouble for anyone.

To do:

– Select a process, under “processName” in the University Incidents document to analyze. You will also be able to find other necessary information about the process in this document like the time stamp of the incident.

– Review the Threat Intelligence Report Barkly Incident Template to figure out what you need to research about the process, and then fill out the template.

The objective is to have a completed Threat Intelligence Report regarding one of the processes that is listed in the Incident document.

I have shared a document called “Trickbot report,” which provides a good guideline and an example of a final product for this type of report.

I will also share with you a template of a student who did a Threat Intelligence Report in a previous class, so you can get an idea of what he included.

As mentioned earlier, please stop by the lab today by 1 if you need any clarification on this project.

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