Tool Search & Summary

Conduct your own research for a negotiation tool that you believe would be helpful for your classmates as they develop their own toolbox of negotiation resources. This could be a good website, key article, model, website, list of principles, etc. that discusses how one can become an effective negotiator.  Once you have identified your self-found negotiation tool, submit it along with a written summary of the tool.

Your summary should include the following:

  • A short title
  • A brief overview paragraph explaining your tool.
  • Several bullet points explaining key points of your tool.
  • A conclusion paragraph clearly titled “So What?”
  • The conclusion should answer the questions, So What? Why should your classmates care about your tool? How is it relevant or helpful? Why should they include it in their ‘toolbox’?
  • A source or where your tool can be found.
  • Is a word document or pdf that is no more than 1 page in length and is nearly free of grammatical, spelling and typographical errors.

Note: Submit all parts of your tool and summary as a file upload to the assignment. Please do not leave urls or other parts of the assignment in the comments field. Anything written or downloaded into the comment field cannot be seen by peer reviewers and, therefore, cannot be reviewed.

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