Topic 1: Segmentation

  • Topic 1: Segmentation
    Segmentation is crucial in order to match the product to the needs and wants of the appropriate group of potential customers.
    Scenario: A new product service company’s marketing assistant tells his boss that the market segment for a new ergonomic chair is sedentary adults.

    • What is wrong with the marketing assistant’s segmentation of the market? Explain.
  • Unit 6 Discussion Topic 2Discussion TopicTask: Reply to this topicTopic 2: Customer Loyalty
    The customer decision process is shown in your text in Exhibit 6.3 in Chapter 6. But exactly how does the consumer experience effect loyalty? You will discuss these concepts in addressing the following:

    •  What company has earned your loyalty and how did they earn it? (You can just put the general product instead of any company name.)

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