Topic And Research Question(S) Review

Assignment: Topic and Research Question(s) Review

Respond to the questions below: Using 300 words. APA Style and reference.

1. In Reading Literacy study.  Include how it relates to the specialization you are studying for your MSED degree.

  1. Three research questions that  you will consider using as a basis for an action research study in your classroom or      educational setting.
  2. An explanation as to why your selected research questions would be effective in guiding a viable research exploration and how they reflect an issue, problem, idea, or      dilemma prominent in your current professional life.
  3. Provide a rationale for your  research questions engaging with the Litmus Test and data you have collected in your educational setting as support.
  • Helpful Reference
  • Stringer, E. T. (2014). Action research (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • · Chapter 8, “Reports: Informing Stakeholders” (pp. 217–218)
  • · Chapter 9, “Action Research and the Internet” (pp. 239–246)
  • Efron, S. E., & Ravid, R. (2013). Action research in education: A practical guide. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.
  • · Chapter 2, “Choosing and Learning About Your Research Topic” (pp. 13–38)
  • · Chapter 3, “Approaches to Action Research” (p. 48)
  • game [Interactive media]. Baltimore, MD: Author.
  • h httpm://

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