Topic: Article: National Review Editorial Board, Tubman On The Twenty

Article:  National Review Editorial Board, Tubman on the Twenty

Your PowerPoint/Google Slide/Keynote Presentation must include these elements:

1. One slide is a bulleted summary of the article; they are key points, major ideas presented in the article; these ideas are summarized in your own words

2. One slide addresses the significance of the article; What impact does it have on the world or the people in America?

3. 3 Insights (Multiple slides): What were the key insights you gleaned from the article? Provide a quote per slide and explain the key insight based on that quote. Provide the page number in MLA format to show the specific reference/the quote (i.e., Stephens 42).

4. Glitches (Multiple slides): What were your main disagreements with the author (if any)? Summarize an idea raised by the article and explain the glitch based on that idea. Provide the page number in MLA format to show the specific idea reference (i.e., Stephens 42). Reading is an active exercise, and disagreement is part of what stimulates your own growth and development.

5. Takeaways: What were your key takeaways? This is the key if you want your reading to spark growth and personal change. List two or three things you learned.

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