Topic: Conduct a web search on the technology topic


Topic: Conduct a web search on the technology topic


Class, I appreciate your participation in this forum. Please see the syllabus for what constitutes a “substantive” response and submit prior to midnight ET on Thursday. Continue to follow your classmates’ posts for the remainder of the week and respond to two or more of your classmates prior to midnight ET on Sunday. Your follow-up posts may add additional insights to a classmate’s opinions or may challenge posted opinions. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research to support your views as appropriate. Be sure to read the follow-up posts to your own posts and reply to any questions or requests for clarification. By the way, include the name of the person’s post you are replying to. Thanks!

Discussion Points:

For this exercise you will need to use two separate sources: APUS Online Library System “Peer Reviewed” and a general non-APUS Lib (general web search like Google) source.

Conduct a web search on the technology topic of your choice. State the keywords that you used for research. Formulate a possible research problem around that topic, then explore possible variables, state them, then construct a hypothesis for your research problem. Also, discuss your challenges on your web searches from the two sources stated above. Provide the following below:

  • Provide some keywords used for your research
  • Share the research topic you selected and why
  • Whats are some questions you may consider about your topic?

Selected Bibliography (Transcript represent the content below)

CAUTION:  Choosing an emerging technology topic has some risks associated – these risks may make your project difficult due to the scarcity or absence of scholarly reference materials.  The technology topics below are relatively new.  Therfore, it may be difficult to find scholarly books written about the development, the actual uses, or about the important policy issues.  One good source for scholarly writings about emerging technologies are conferences and proceedings published by professional associations linked to the newer technologies.

Web sites for technology conferences held during prior years may have invited researchers to submit written reports, or to make presentations.  Often these web sites offer a list of published scholarly research reports – most have been peer reviewed before acceptance for presentation at the conference, or for publication as part of the proceedings.  Most professional technology associations  (IEEE, ACM, etc) have strict requirements for peer review of research papers.  Ask the APUS librarian for help on these topics when using research databases with controlled access, such as JSTOR. 

Below are some examples of conferences for emerging technologies.

Bitcoin Events and Conferences

Coin Congress to Focus on the State of Digital Currency at San Francisco Conference


This web link below is not a conference, but the article surprised me.  The author is  predicting self-driving cars with highway-only capabilities, to be available as an add-on accessory by 2016.  Smaller businesses are well-known to be technology innovators.

Forget Google: Startup builds its own self-driving car (+video)

The Cruise RP-1 – a new attachment to create your own Self-Driving Car

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