Topic On Solar System Astronomy

Write a short essay (1000-1500 words) on a topic in solar system astronomy. There are a wide variety of topics you can choose for your project. Some example topics include: – a moon, asteroid or other body in the solar system which does not receive much press – the ring system of one of the gas giants – a famous observatory – a surface feature on the Moon – one of the many exploratory missions launched into the solar system – upcoming missions or planned observatories – recent discoveries about a body in the solar system You may choose one of these or any other topic as long as it relates to the study of the solar system. The internet is also an excellent place to search for information; there are many high quality astronomy-related websites. This is to be written by you – absolutely no copying of another person’s work. Any submissions with plagiarized material will receive a grade of zero with further academic penalty as a possibility. The report should consist of a title page, your written essay, diagrams or pictures (if pertinent) and a list of sources. The report will be marked on clarity, readability and depth. There is no defined format for your paper as long as it contains the above criteria

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