Topical Research Project

Topical Research for Current Market Issues

This project is designed to recognize and predict trends of global consumer markets. Select one interesting topic about current issues or events in the global community in the list below.

topic:(The impact of US apparel brand on global retailers)

A 3-pages written paper should be submitted by through Topical Research Project Assignment link.

Submit a 3-page written paper excluding cover and references.The paper format should be 1-inch margin on all sides, use double space, and Times New Roman or Arial 12 font size. The paper should cover the following contents:

Introduction: Address research purpose and importance of the topic in the global market.

Current Market Issues: Identify (1) three key issues on the selected topic and critically analyze from a global perspective; (2) Provide supporting data or related image for better understanding; and (3) Use subheading (if is is necessary to organize the contents).

Conclusions: (1) Discuss how the issue affects the global market in the near future; and (2) describe what you’ve learned that you did not know previously.

References: Use at least 5 references with APA style; Recent references published in 2000-present.

* Note: Use headings and subheadings to organize your paper.

Use this submission link to submit assignment .

Make a cover-page including topic for the project and your name.

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