Treatment Plan

For your final course project assignment, you will complete the remaining portion of the interactive  Case Study Treatment Plan for the same client you selected to study in the Units 4 and 6 project assignments. Be sure to address all components of the Treatment Plan section: •Provide a diagnosis. Describe ethical and legal considerations relevant to the client’s diagnosis; describe what needs to be done to address these issues. ◦DSM-5 Diagnosis. ◦Differential Diagnosis. ◦Ethical/Legal Considerations of Diagnosis.  •Describe strategies designed to promote optimal sexual functioning and explains why these strategies are most appropriate for dealing with the client’s identified issues regarding sexuality. ◦Short-Term Goals, based on theory choice from the Unit 6 assignment. ◦Long-Terms Goals, based on theory choice from the Unit 6 assignment.  •Briefly describe three evidence-based systemic counseling interventions designed to promote optimal sexual functioning. ◦Evidence-based Treatment Interventions.  •Apply relevant human sexuality research findings to inform the treatment of client’s identified sexual issues. ◦Relevant Research to Support Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.  •The written reports is concise, balanced, logically organized, and conforms to APA format and standards consistent with expectations for graduate-level writing. ◦Cite and reference the resources that support your treatment interventions using current APA guidelines. Utilize a minimum of six current articles from peer-reviewed journals in the counseling or related professions, from the Capella University Library. You may utilize your textbook, but it does not count as one of your six scholarly resources. You are also encouraged to utilize more than six resources, if they aid in developing a comprehensive treatment plan.

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