Unethical Issue Report Of A Company

You will be asked to identify a company that they think is conducting their business in an unethical or socially irresponsible manner. Each student will be required to complete both of the following tasks concerning the selected company:

1) Write a report about the ethical issues faced or created by the company using concepts from the slides and external research. Once the analysis is complete, suggestions to resolve the issue should be made based on publically available information concerning the company and best ethical practices. The suggestions should be backed by evidence that they can be implemented (ex. The company has the resources) and they are relevant.

2) Draft a professionally written email to be sent to the corporation explaining the ethical dilemma and their suggestions to resolve this issue.

This discussion must include numerous components, which will be scored across the criteria, listed below.

a. A concise statement of the major issue, and the final outcome (in an executive summary format)

b. Various ethical schools of thought that were synthesized, with supporting rationale, to arrive at the final outcome

c. Identification of relevant stakeholder groups and their stake in the issue, and the impact of the outcome these stakeholder groups; this includes relevant social costs

d. A judgment as to the overall value of the final outcome, and its relative welfare gains when compared to alternative outcomes that might have been reached

e. The identification and subsequent integration of socio-economic components into the case and their impact on the analysis

f. A concise policy, based on the case and utilizing its principles and other components, as a value-adding proposition appropriate in guiding an organization to ongoing success without compromising its core values

It should include the following:

1.What is social responsibility and ethics

2. Introduction

3. A issue or issues which is unethical in the company

4. Problems regarding the issue

5. 4 Principles of ethics ( Utilitarianism,Rights,Justice,Care )

6. What are the effects with the issue

7. Recommendations

8. Conclusion

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