Unit 3 – Individual Project

Unit 3 – Individual Project 

Unit:   The Appraisal Feedback Process

Due Date:   Wed, 9/5/18

Deliverable Length:   700-900 words with a minimum of 4 scholarly references

**APA Format, No grammar errors, No Plagiarism & Must be on Time.


Assignment Description

Your supervisor, Annalise, the Human Resources Director at Matrix, has reviewed your research on performance appraisal feedback and is very impressed with your work.  She asks you to continue research into other potential areas that require improvements. Both of you acknowledge that a major gap may exist in the area of training. She asks you to prepare a report about the following aspects of training:

  • *Why would training be a critical component to executing a new performance appraisal system?
  • *What value would training bring to the process?
  • *Who should be given training within Matrix, and why?
  • *What type of training programs would be required? Describe these in detail.
  • *Who would provide the training at Matrix?
  • *Are there any types of rater bias that can be eliminated or decreased through effective training?

Please submit your assignment. For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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