Unit 4 Safety Management

Unit IV Scholarly Activity

Developing a Safety and Health Training Plan and Employee Safety and Health Suggestion System

Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model we discussed in Units I, II, and III, you will be developing a safety and health implementation plan. The plan will be developed in phases in this unit and the next two units, and it will serve as reference information for a PowerPoint presentation that will be your course project in Unit VII.

For this unit’s assignment, you are in the do (D) phase of the implementation process and will be incorporating the employees into the safety management system. Specifically, you will be developing a safety and health training plan and an employee safety and health suggestion system.

Continuing with the scenario introduced in Unit II (review the Unit II PowerPoint assignment in the syllabus), you have completed the planning phase and are ready to move forward with the implementation phase of a safety management system.

Part 1: Using the information covered in this unit lesson and the sample training plan, which was included as part of your required reading, develop a training plan for your workplace. Discuss the types of engagement strategies that could be used in your plan. Your training plan must be original and should not duplicate any part of the sample training plan that is provided as a guide

only! Your plan should be two pages and must include the following sections:

Introductory Section, Management Commitment, Training and Accountability,

Types of Training (must include at least three types), Monitoring the Training Program, and Evaluating the Safety and Health Training Program.

Part 2: Employees have good ideas that may help improve work methods, prevent injuries and illnesses, or identify specific hazards. Frequently, these ideas or concerns do not get reported because there is no effective way to present them. A well-organized suggestion system encourages contributions from employees. You are required to develop a plan to address how

employees will provide safety and health suggestions.

You must develop a two-page suggestion system that addresses the information listed below:

what type of information you will want to collect (form development),

how often forms will be collected, who will review the suggestions, how decisions will be made regarding the suggestions, and timelines for actions on the suggestions. You should include one outside academic source, besides your textbook, as a reference for your assignment, preferably from the CSU Online Library. All sources used must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.

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