Unit 7 – Final Draft Of The Everyday Argument With Purpose Statement

Upload Assignment: Unit 7 – Final Draft of the Everyday Argument with Purpose Statement

  • Assignment Purpose: This assignment will put your academic argument to real use as you create a persuasive text for a real-world audience outside of the university setting.  Your purpose statement will explain how you considered audience and purpose when decisions about your everyday argument.

    Assignment Description: Submit your Everyday Argument Project here. Review the assignment sheet Click for more options
    before submitting to make sure your project meets all the requirements.  Remember to include a purpose statement that answers the following questions:

    1. Who is your audience for the everyday argument?
    2. Why is the type of argument you chose the most effective way to reach that audience?
    3. What is your main claim?  In other words, what do you want your audience to do?
    4. How do you appeal to the audience’s emotions?
    5. How do you establish credibility with your audience?
    6. Assignment Parameters:
    • The choice of audience is clear and the type of argument chosen for that audience is appropriate.  There is evidence of the argument being created specifically for that audience
    • There is a logical core to the argument (logos).  Author credibility is established (ethos).  An emotional appeal helps the audience relate to the argument (pathos)
    • The text follows the conventions of other texts in that genre.  Formatting, content, and tone are similar to other arguments of that type.
  • AssignmentUnit 7 – Reflection: Writing as a Way to Deepen UnderstandingAssignment Purpose: This purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your writing as a way to deepen your level of understanding.

    Assignment Description: In a one to two page reflection, explain how writing can be used to deepen understanding and work through complex ideas.  Give several specific examples of ways you have used writing as a means of learning in school, work, or other areas of your life.
    (Hint: this is writing to demonstrate learning, so be sure to relate parts of your reflection to lessons, activities, or assignments from this class.)

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