Unix, Linux – Parameter Variables, If-Else Statements

In this UNIX paper we will focus on networking and system administration commands that cover Parameter variables, if-else statements. The focus of this research paper is to concentrate on using the tools provided by the environment as a user. The focus of our research topics is to examine both UNIX and the Linux variant and their importance to an operating system environment. As I investigate this week’s commands, I will learn how to utilize shell scripts to automate routine, understand how loops work in the Bourne shell, how easy it is to input a loop without having to input the loop several different times. Learning how to pass variables into a shell script in different ways and the importance of file permissions, which provides control on who can read and write a file. This week’s assignment will provide a more in-depth insight to why learning file manipulation, maneuvering the file system, being able to construct basic commands utilizing command line options and arguments are valuable to the directory of any Unix operating system.

Submit your topic to the instructor with screen shots from command line, graphical and visual features, tables, pie-charts wherever needed.

This should be no more than one page.

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