Urban Planning Paper

This week’s materials have focused on the emergence of cities—both what is required for a city to thrive (such as a growing population) and what can undermine a city’s sustainability (such as inequalities, diseases, and unfettered population growth). Case Study #2 asks you to demonstrate your understanding of these topics by applying the discussion to the current world population.

First: read the attached pdf.file (linked, above) published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Urban Affairs, titled Living to Old Age: A New World Norm. 

Next: go to the US Census website at: factfinder.census.gov  

  • Using the “Community Facts” search tool, type “United States” and click “Go”. What was the US population at the time of the 2010 Census (which was the last national census)? What are the estimates for 2017 (hint: there is a drop-down toolbar that will all you to change between the census and the estimates)?

Then: go to the World Population Clock at: www.census.gov/popclock

  • What are the main components of population change demonstrated on this page? Consider the graph of US population by Age and Sex; scroll back to the year 2000, then 2010, and then 2015. What is happening to the shape of the graph?

Finally: in 500 words, or more, answer the following:

  • Explain what you have observed and why you believe it is occurring. 
  • Do you believe that this an urban phenomenon only? Why, or why not?
  • Are these trends something to be concerned about? Why, or why not?

For full credit (20 points):

  • Answer all parts of the prompt and engage with the questions in a thoughtful way
  • Use college-level grammar, spelling, and formatting
  • Ensure that your paper is a full 500 words (or more), 12-point font, double spaced, with normal margins
  • Cite at least one course source
  • Make it clear that you have both read, and understand, the course concepts
  • To submit your work, click the assignment link (above) and upload a Word.doc or .pdf file

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