Use Warframe

research the game warframe- []   / watch youtube

Your submission must be at least two pages in length.



The purpose of this assignment is to explain how collaboration, coordination, and communication are supported in social media or MMOGs (massive multiplayer online games). Visit a social media website such as Facebook or LinkedIn, or visit

an MMOG website, and answer the questions below.

General social issues

What is the purpose of the social media site or MMOG?

What kind of conversations are supported?

How is the awareness of others in the social media site or MMOG supported?

What kind of social protocols and conventions are used?

What kind of awareness information is provided?

Does the mode of communication and interaction seem natural or awkward?

How do members of the social media website coordinate activities with each other, or how do MMOG players coordinate their actions in the game?

Specific interaction-design issues

What form of interaction and communication is supported (e.g., text, audio, and video)?

What other visualizations are included? What information do they convey?

How do users switch between different modes of interaction (e.g., chatting and playing games on Facebook or exploring and chatting in MMOGs)? Is the switch seamless?

Are there any social phenomena that occur specific to the context of the social media site or MMOG that would not happen in a face-to-face setting?

Design issues

What other features might you include in the social media website or the MMOG to improve communication, coordination, and collaboration?

Your submission must be at least tw

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