Wearable Computers Or RFID Technology

Subject: Wearable Computers or RFID Technology

This is a report to educate your boss on the fashion of wearable computers or RFID technology. The same questions posed for wearable computing also apply to RFID technology. What is a wearable computer? Where is the research being conducted? What areas are under investigation? Where have we had commercial success to date, what is pending, and what is in the dreaming stage? Don’t ignore wearable computers currently being used outside of 5th Avenue retailers, by the military, medical field, etc. Only question to add for RFID is what are the industry standards for this technology and what group is responsible for the maintenance of those standards?


1. Minimum of 3 typed pages. Appropriate pictures should be in an appendix, not included in the report.

2. NO more than 1 inch margins all around. Single spaced.

3. Proofread your work.

4. This report is not just about Google Glass and the iWatch, though they are part of the story.

5. Use footnotes. Wikipedia is not a valid resource. This is not a copy and paste exercise. Research materials on the various aspects, synthesize the information, and give credit for direct quotes and paraphrasing. For online resources you may use the linked URL address as the source in your footnote.

6. Graphics, pictures, etc. would be appropriate, and should be in an appendix with identifying information and sourced. Links to videos for demonstrations on research, fashion shows, product information are expected.

7. Proper report format- title page, page numbers, proper grammar and spell check. Industry periodicals and/or trade journals are expected to be among your resources used.

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