Week 2: Journal Review #1

Students will write a two page summary of a peer reviewed business journal article. Please use a Title Page with with a Running Head title, Centering Information (includes a Title, your name, and Webster University) for all assignments . Students should reply with feedback to two other students’s summaries with feedback to receive participation points. Summaries will be posted to the discussion area for peer review and to the assignment area. The summary  should thoroughly address each of the following:

1. Title, Author (s), Journal, Date, Volume, Number, Pages.

2. Introduction/ Purpose of the Study. What basic questions or research hypotheses is the investigator trying to answer? Why?

3. Method/Design

1. What or who are the participants?

2. What research method do they perform or what tests do they take, or what characteristics are measured? Is this a qualitative or quantitative research study?

4. Results. What were the main findings in the study?

5. Discussion. In general, what did the study demonstrate? What are  the implications of study? What questions remain for further research?

Criticisms. Point out at least two strengths and two weaknesses in the research. Explain these criticisms

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