Workplace Safety And Ethics

´Workplace safety is important for employees, patients, and business partners.

´Create a 2-page assignment, APA formatted with a separate reference page, which discusses how OSHA helps healthcare providers.

Your assignment should, but is not limited to, processes for disposal of toxic waste, removal of non-sanitized materials, display of proper signs, etc.

´To clarify, OSHA imposes various requirements on employers/businesses.

First, provide 2-3 examples of hazards that may occur within the healthcare field.

Then, provide 4-5 examples of what OSHA requires (or might require) employers to do, to avoid injury to employees. (Ex. An example of a potential hazard is spread of highly contagious disease/illness.

An example of what OSHA requires employers to do, to avoid this hazard, is establishing guidelines for the removal, and disposal, of non-sanitized materials.)

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