You will be creating an individual slide project:

You will be creating an individual slide project:

  •              a title slide
  •              5 slides of presentation on your subtopic which has at least one graphic – you can have more graphics if you would like
  •              a bibliography slides with valid 3 sources which can be any variation of text, website, periodical, etc.
    (worth up to 200 points)

This topic can be from the list below or pick one that you are interested in.

Optional:  *Feel free to get creativity if you would like to add audio, video, your own created pictures, etc.

Ideas to pick from or come up with your own idea within Organizational Behavior.

1. Corporate Environmental Responsibility

2. Conflict in the Workplace

3. Bullying in the Workplace.

4. Racism in the Workplace.

5. Human rights violations in International, Domestic and/or organizations.

6. Neuromarketing and privacy violations in consumer research.

7. Sexism in the workplace

8. Safety issues in the workplace.

9. Mental illness in the workplace

10. Dress codes and professional appearance issues in the workplace.

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